Glory GFRS80
Glory GFRS80

Glory GFRS80

Glory GFRS80
GFRS80 TopGFR S80 Feed Section
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This  Rebuilt Glory Model GFR-S80 Currency discriminator sorts, counts, detects counterfeit notes, and batches to your specific bill strap counts. It has 3 diffrent modes of operation:
These Glory GFR-S80 discriminator currency counters were the best and most friendly operating currency discriminators. Glory GFR-S80 also has one of the best counterfiet detecting systems around.


* Has the latest software update for new $100 Bills
* Comes with power cord. 
* Copy of operating instructions

Mixed Bill counting      
     (Counts mixed notes for counting deposits ) 
Denomination detect    
     ( Counts bills of same denomination )
Regular count mode    
     ( Does not detect bill denominations)

GFR S80 Discriminator Brochure

Rebuild  Glory GFR S-80

Nice display! All keys visible.
Feed and Separator rollers replaced
Transport rollers replaced
Kick rollers replaced
Belts Replaced. 
Electronics adjusted for optimum performance

May or may not have painted covers

We have ( 1 ) units available


Manufacturer: Glory
Model: GFR S80
Brand: Currency Discriminator
Speed: Up to 1,000 notes / minute
Condition: Rebuilt
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