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Amrotec MIB-11V DiscriminatorAmrotec MIB-11V DiscriminatorAmrotec MiB-11V Currency Discriminator Counter with Bank Level, High-Performance, high Speed and Heavy Duty Qulaity. Counting Speeds up to 1500 Notes/Minute. 5 Counterfeit Detections 2 CIS, UV, MG, MR, and IR

Amrotec X-1 2 PocketAmrotec X-1  2 Pocket
Amrotec X-1 mixed note currency discriminator. 3 modes of operation. Comes with user manual 
Amrotec X-1000 2 PocketAmrotec X-1000  2 PocketAmrotec X-1000 is the high-performance & heavy-duty currency discriminator with a dedicated reject pocket. 3 Modes of operation necessary for tellers and cashiers to improve cash management efficiency
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