New Banking Equipment and Financial Equipment for Sale!

We are excited to announce that we are expanding.
Starting Jan 1, 2017
We are offering NEW Currency Discriminators!

Amrotec MIB-11V DiscriminatorAmrotec MIB-11V DiscriminatorAmrotec MiB-11V Currency Discriminator Counter with Bank Level, High-Performance, high Speed and Heavy Duty Qulaity. Counting Speeds up to 1500 Notes/Minute. 5 Counterfeit Detections 2 CIS, UV, MG, MR, and IR

Amrotec X-1 2 PocketAmrotec X-1  2 Pocket
Amrotec X-1 mixed note currency discriminator. 3 modes of operation. Comes with user manual 
Amrotec X-1000 2 PocketAmrotec X-1000  2 PocketAmrotec X-1000 is the high-performance & heavy-duty currency discriminator with a dedicated reject pocket. 3 Modes of operation necessary for tellers and cashiers to improve cash management efficiency
Magner 35 Currency CounterMagner 35 Currency CounterMagner Model 35-3 Currency Counter is used but in really great shape. Cleaned and adjusted for best performance. See more on this product...

Magner 75 Currency CounterMagner 75 Currency CounterMagner Model 75 MD Currency Counter is new. Heavy duty counter with warranty.

Magner 935 Coin CounterMagner 935 Coin CounterMagner Model 935 Coin Packager is new. Heavy duty counter with warranty.

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