Glory GFRS80
Glory GFRS80

Glory GFRS80

Glory GFRS80
Glory GFR Feed
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This used Glory Model GFR-S80 discriminator sorts, counts, detects counterfeit notes, and batches to your specific bill strap counts. It has 3 diffrent modes of operation:
These Glory GFR-S80 discriminator currency counters were the best and most friendly operating currency discriminators. Glory GFR-S80 also has one of the best counterfiet detecting systems around.

Our counters have been professionaly adjusted for proper operation. Has latest updates as well.

* Has nice Rubber Rollers
* Nice front touch panel.
* Has the latest software update.
* Comes with power cord. 

Mixed Bill counting      
     (Counts mixed notes for counting deposits ) 
Denomination detect    
     ( Counts bills of same denomination )
Regular count mode    
     ( Does not detect bill denominations)

GFR S80 Discriminator Brochure

We have a very nice Glory GFR-S80. Beautifully, cleaned, adjusted, and working in great condition

Color may vary. Machine is good working order.


Manufacturer: Glory
Model: GFR S80
Brand: Currency Discriminator
Speed: Up to 1,000 notes / minute
Condition: Rebuilt
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